In 2024, Instagram made significant updates to its algorithm, which significantly affected user interaction with content. These changes are the result of long-term research and are aimed to improve user experience and quality of content, ensuring greater transparency in the social media. In this article, we will look at the key aspects of the innovations and their impact on users and brands.

Most of these updates are aimed to support users with small audiences but original content. These updates give them a better chance of being noticed through the Recommendations feature. This creates equal opportunities for all users, improves the quality of content in the feed and encourage a creative approach to the creation of material.

What will happen to those who already have large audiences? Users with large audiences can expect several changes, that can both positively and negatively impact their experience and engagement with their followers. Here are the possible consequences:

  • The new algorithm may change the way content is displayed in followers’ feeds. This can affect the reach and visibility of posts, which will require an update to the content strategy.
  • New features or algorithms will require higher quality or a specific type of content, meaning users will have to invest more resources in creating the perfect content to keep their audience interested.
  • Updates will also impact advertising strategies and cooperation with brands, creating new opportunities for the integration of advertising content or requirements for transparency.

It is important for users with large audiences to be prepared for these changes and adapt their strategies to maximize new opportunities and minimize potential risks.

According to the new updates, Instagram’s recommendation ranking algorithm is undergoing drastic changes. As the company itself explains, thanks to this mechanism, any relevant content (with special attention to originality and compliance with the rules of the Instagram) will first be shown to a small group of users who, according to the algorithm, may like it. It is essential that these users do not necessarily have to be signed in to the relevant account. If the content generates interest and interaction, it will be shown to a wider audience. The most successful materials will gradually be shown to a larger and larger group of users, creating a “snowball” effect.

These changes are aimed at supporting users with small audiences who create original and quality content, giving them a better chance of being noticed.

Particular attention will be paid to compliance with the rules of the Instagram community. For this, it is planned to implement major updates, which we will consider below.

An algorithm update is planned to be implemented in the near future, which will significantly improve the user experience and make the platform fairer and more inclusive for everyone.

Visual illustration of the update

Source: Instagram

According to the new updates, Instagram’s algorithm will promote only original content in the event that multiple identical materials are detected. This approach will only be used when the original content is relatively new and the Instagram algorithm is confident of its authenticity, based on certain features (audio and visual characteristics). If the content has been significantly altered (edited, turned into a meme, made into a parody, voiced or remixed to elicit a reaction), Instagram won’t tag the original content creator and mark it as unoriginal.

In the case of significant changes to the original content, the author will not receive a replacement notification. This means that the update is more about the visual part of the content and not the idea itself.

However, if it turns out that you are not the author of the original content, your video will be tagged with a link to the author. Only the creator of the original content can remove this tag, and it will be visible to all users until it is removed.

Source: Instagram

Also, users who “borrow” content from others without changes, will be subject to sanctions. If a user receives 10 or more warnings for posting someone else’s content, their account will be removed from recommendations for 30 days. It will be possible to return to recommendations only 30 days after the last publication of non-original content.

Compliance with these rules will be verified using account status. In this menu, users will be able to see warnings and file appeals in case of disputed situations. This allows for the transparency of the process and enables users to defend their rights in the event of wrongful accusations.

Checking the status of a private Instagram account

To check the status of your account and receive information about possible warnings or appeals, follow these steps:

  1. Choose your profile (click on the icon, of the main photo in the lower right corner of the screen).
  2. Choose the menu (click on the three dashes in the upper right corner of the screen).
  3. In the menu, select “Settings and privacy”.
  4. Under “More information and support” select “Account status”.

Checking the status of a public Instagram account

To check the status of your account and receive information about possible warnings or appeals, follow these steps:

  1. Choose your profile (click on the icon of the main photo in the lower right corner of the screen).
  2. Choose the menu (click on the three dashes in the upper right corner of the screen).
  3. Under “More information and support” select “Account status”.

With the update of content quality requirements on the Instagram platform, special attention is paid to content, because the age of users starts from 13 years. Content must meet clear platform standards to ensure it is safe and appropriate for this audience. It is important to note that even if the content meets the basic technical requirements, it may also be classified as sensitive, offensive or unacceptable from the point of view of the community or ethical norms. 

To ensure compliance with these standards, additional tracking and control of content is carried out, which includes checking for compliance with platform rules and security requirements. Content that falls into these categories may be excluded from recommendations and other types of promotion to protect users from harm or negative impact.

The main topics that can limit the promotion of content:

  • Discussion of suicide, eating disorders, devaluation of death or depression.
  • Images of violence, such as fights.
  • Indecent images, such as people wearing transparent or revealing clothing.
  • Promotion of products regulated by law: tobacco products, vapes, goods and services for adults, pharmaceuticals.
  • Advertisement for cosmetic procedures.
  • Exaggerated health claims to sell products or services, such as “miracle cures.”
  • Promoting deceptive business models such as payday loans.
  • Political content related to laws, elections or social issues.
  • Content that users find undesirable (clickbait).
  • False or misleading content, including misinformation about vaccines.
  • Propaganda of the use of false documents (forgery of documents).

As a conclusion, it can be noted that the implementation of these changes will create conditions on the Instagram platform, where every content author will have equal opportunities to achieve success. New ranking rules and algorithms will contribute to increasing objectivity and fairness in content promotion.

It is expected that these changes will lead to positive results in the near future. The quality of the content that reaches the audience will increase, providing users with a more diverse and interesting experience of interacting with the platform. Instagram hopes to increase user satisfaction and improve their interaction with content that matches their interests and requirements.