Advertisers now have access to new types of assets with business information, allowing them to add their logo and business name to search ads.

Like other assets, business information helps improve the effectiveness of your ads and attract the attention of potential customers. According to Google’s internal data from March 2023, advertisers who add a logo and business name to their search ads typically receive 8% more conversions at the same cost per conversion.

To add a logo and a business name to your ads, you first need to complete the advertiser verification program and meet the technical requirements for the assets.

What is the advertiser verification program and how to complete it?

To ensure the reliability and security of its advertising ecosystem, Google has introduced the advertiser verification program. For certain types of businesses in which abuse and fraud are common, verification is mandatory. This includes companies in the travel, technical support, and financial services industries. If your company falls into one of the categories that require verification, you will receive a notification to the account administrator’s email.

If verification is not mandatory for you, but you want to add logos and a brand name to your search ads to increase interactions, you can complete verification voluntarily at any time. To do this, log in to your Google Ads account, go to “Tools and Settings” – “Billing” – “Advertiser Verification,” and follow the instructions.

The process usually takes no more than 30 minutes to enter all the required information. The system will take about three to five business days to process the information. Different types of businesses may require different types of data during verification. This depends on the structure of your account, payment information, and whether you advertise on behalf of an organization or an individual. You may also need to verify your commercial activity. You can find detailed information about all the verification rules here.

How to add business assets

After completing the advertiser verification process in your account, the system may scan your website and automatically add the name and logo to your campaigns. You can find them in the “Assets” section of your account, and if necessary, they can be removed. To add your own assets, follow the instructions below.

How to add a business name

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Go to “Ads & Assets” – “Assets”.
  3. Select “Business name” and click the “+” button.

Business name specifications

  • The name must correspond to the domain name or legal name of the company provided during verification.
  • The name should be visible on the website pages.
  • The name cannot exceed 25 characters.

The legal name of the company can be found in the “Tools and Settings” – “Billing” section.

How to add business logo

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Go to “Ads & Assets” – “Assets”.
  3. Select “Business logo” and click the “+” button.
  4. Upload the logo file and choose the appropriate aspect ratio.

Business logo specifications

  • The logo must belong to your company and be present on the website.
  • Aspect ratio: square (1:1).
  • Minimum image resolution: 128 x 128 pixels; recommended: 1200 x 1200 pixels.
  • File format: PNG or JPG.
  • File size: not exceeding 5120 KB.
  • The logo should be compatible with both light and dark browser themes, meaning it should not blend with a white/black background.

Note that the logo may be rounded when displaying the ad, so if necessary, optimize the logo file to occupy the central 80% of the image.

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What are the benefits of adding a business name and logo to Google Ads campaigns beyond the 8% conversion increase mentioned?
Adding your business name and logo to Google Ads campaigns can help build brand recognition and trust with potential customers. It allows your ads to stand out more among the competition and reinforces your company’s identity. This can lead to higher click-through rates, better ad recall, and ultimately more qualified leads and conversions.

Are there any limitations or restrictions on the types of logos that can be used (e.g. animated logos, logos with text, etc.)?
Yes, there are some technical specifications for the business logo that can be used in Google Ads. The logo must be a static image in either PNG or JPG format, with a square 1:1 aspect ratio. Animated logos or logos with text overlays are not supported. The image resolution should be at least 128×128 pixels, with a recommended size of 1200×1200 pixels for best quality.

How often can the business name and logo be updated or changed within the Google Ads account?
There are no strict limits on how often you can update the business name and logo in your Google Ads account. However, it’s generally recommended to keep these elements consistent over time to maintain brand recognition. Major changes to your business name or logo should be reflected in your Google Ads assets, but minor tweaks can be made as needed.

Are there any best practices or recommendations for how to optimize the placement and appearance of the business name and logo within the ad creative?
For best results, the business name and logo should be prominently displayed in a consistent location within your ad creative, such as the top or bottom. Make sure the logo is clear, crisp, and does not get lost or blended into the background. Consider the overall ad layout and color scheme to ensure the branding elements stand out effectively.

What happens if the business name or logo used in the Google Ads account does not exactly match what is on the business’s website? Will this cause any issues with verification or ad approval?
Inconsistencies between the business name/logo in your Google Ads account and on your website can potentially cause issues with the advertiser verification process or ad approvals. Google wants to ensure the information is accurate and matches your real-world business identity. It’s important to use the same official business name and approved logo across all your online assets, including your website and Google Ads.

Can the business name and logo be added at the campaign, ad group, or ad level within the Google Ads account? Is there any difference in how they are applied?
The business name and logo are applied at the account level in Google Ads, rather than the campaign, ad group, or individual ad level. This ensures the branding elements are consistent across all your ads. The name and logo will automatically be applied to any new campaigns, ad groups, or ads you create within the account.

Are there any reporting or analytics available within Google Ads to measure the performance impact of having the business name and logo included?
Google does provide some high-level metrics related to the business name and logo assets in your Google Ads account. You can see data on impressions, clicks, and conversions for ads that display these brand elements. However, more granular performance analysis comparing ads with and without the branding is not readily available within the standard Google Ads reporting.

For businesses that operate in multiple countries, can the business name and logo be localized for each market, or is it a global setting?
The business name and logo in Google Ads are global settings that apply across all your campaigns, regardless of the target country or language. If you need to use different branding elements for specific international markets, you would need to set up separate Google Ads accounts for each country. The branding assets cannot be localized on a per-campaign or per-ad basis.