SEO Optimization & Promotion

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of measures for the growth of positions and website promotion in search results. High-quality and thoughtful optimization is needed for search engines to consider your site as relevant as possible when searching for goods and services.

In areas with a high level of competition, larger incumbents are expected to occupy the first positions, from where they are not so easy to dislodge for new business. But our Well Web Marketing specialists successfully cope even with such a task. Entrust the promotion of your site to us and enjoy an impressive result!

Why it’s important?
According to Google, only 0.44% of users go to the second page of the search results, and only 9% scroll to the end of the first one. This statistic is the best illustration of the importance of placing a site among the first search result because otherwise it is likely that users will not even know about its existence.

Detailed Process

  • SEO web-development
  • Site transfer to another CMS: recommendations and support
  • Site transfer to another domain: recommendations and support
  • Setting up redirects after incorrect site transfer
  • Study (collection, cleaning, grouping)
  • Determining search frequency
  • Evaluating the potential of categorical traffic by the frequency of search queries
  • Analyzing the distribution of market shares in search
  • Estimating the potential of search traffic
  • Analyzing competitor search strategy
  • Analyzing site seasonality
  • Comprehensive SEO strategy
  • Technical SEO audit
  • Page speed optimization
  • Mobile optimization
  • Creation of an XML sitemap
  • Management of multi-regional and multilingual sites
  • Optimization of scanning budget
  • Semantic markup (breadcrumbs, contacts, logo, products, overview, post markup)
  • Basic usability audit
  • Checking site visibility in search engines
  • Analyzing the availability of JS and CSS for search robots
  • Checking the visibility of links to pages and recommendations for building URLs
  • Customizing HTML rendering
  • 404 page processing
  • Setting up Google Analytics for the SPA website
  • Site structure diagram (Mind Map and Google Sheets)
  • URL optimization
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Pagination
  • Filter optimization
  • Developing a content strategy for blogs
  • Landing page optimization: missing keywords in content and meta tags
  • Developing TOR for a copywriter to create text content for landings
  • Tags (title, h1) and meta tags (description)
  • Page structure of headings
  • Alt and title attributes for images
  • Analyzing site external links
  • Comparative analysis of competitors’ links
  • In-depth analysis of the anchor list of the site and competitors
  • Developing the link building strategy
  • Posting with a client’s anchor or non-anchor link on niche and popular sites

Our checklist, work plan, implementation, and priority are always clear to clients. Flexible team work is ready for any changes. Before we begin, we take an individual approach to every client.

Technological Effectiveness

The WWM team uses the following products for site optimization and promotion

The main tool of all SEO specialists, which was created to analyze both your own site and competitors’ sites. The platform provides detailed information about keywords, backlinks, content quality, and also shows the dynamics of the site’s position in search results.

A multifunctional service that also allows you to audit keywords, analyze competitors, link profile and evaluate the quality of website pages. Ahrefs is more powerful for backlink analysis. Also, the service is especially useful for foreign businesses, as it shows data on several search engines at once, many of which are especially popular in certain countries.

A service for analyzing the visibility of your site’s pages in search engines, detecting possible problems in its operation and display, as well as analyzing organic traffic.

Today it is still the best website technical audit software that is used all over the world. Screaming Frog helps identify problems with crawling or indexing a resource by search engines.

The tool detects broken links on the site, server errors, incorrect redirects, duplicate or incorrectly filled page meta-descriptions, problems with images, titles, and much more.

The service is a functional tool for comprehensive site analysis. Including your competitors. With its help, you can find leaders in a specific niche and check all the key points: promotion channels, site adaptability, etc.

A free service that is part of the Microsoft Bing search engine that allows webmasters to add their websites to the Bing search index, see their site’s performance in Bing, and much more.

A modern webmaster that offers a high-quality SEO analysis and generates a detailed report.

The WWM team successfully performs SEO optimization of sites for business growth and profits, rather than just positions in search engines!

Customers’ feedback

Level of involvement

"Excellent professionals who know their job well. In case of any issues or when changes are needed, they always react right away. I am very satisfied with our collaboration!"

Online advertising100%
Lead generation100%
Web development100%
Web analytics and reporting100%
Serhii Andronov
Administrative director at MedicoMente

We had been working with WWM from the very beginning, which included website development, content creation, and online promotion. And in a short period of time, we were able to enter the European market, leading to an influx of customers!

Website | Facebook

Level of involvement

"An incredible team of talented individuals, who thought about the good of our business, with innovative ideas and great creatives."

Online advertising100%
Lead generation100%
Web development100%
Web analytics and reporting75%
Eliza Vlachou
Marketing Director at Kuva Local

The WWM team built the acquisition campaigns from scratch and, after they got the technicals right, we saw a 30% increase on app installation from their activity, month on month. They kept optimizing throughout, running various A/B and audience tests, and at the end, the ROI was incredible, and the cost per click impressive.

Website | LinkedIn

Level of involvement

"Well-balanced team which responds quickly to challenges and goals."

Online advertising100%
Lead generation75%
Web development75%
Web analytics and reporting100%
Dmitry Levin
Co-Founder of KISA

Well Web Marketing team has achieved an immediate impact on our website performance by implementing customer activities tracking which in turn has dramatically improved bounce rate

Website | LinkedIn

Level of involvement

"Well Web Marketing is deeply integrated at New Line Tech marketing activities and I'm going to strengthen their involvement in the near future."

Online Advertising100%
Lead generation75%
Website development100%
Web analytics and reporting100%
Andrew Mazepa
CEO at New Line Technologies

Well Web Marketing drives pre-sales and marketing activities for New Line Technologies and I feel it comfortable and efficient like it could be with an internal team. I can say only positive about our cooperation.
Website | LinkedIn

Level of involvement

"I like that they always keep me in the loop, ready to change tactic when needed and take an extra mile to bring me desired result."

Website development100%
Online Advertising100%
Web analytics and reporting100%
SMM Strategy50%
Yulia Khudoley
Product Owner

Can’t speak highly enough of Serhii and his team. They have built me two websites for different niche and providing support with SEO, online advertisement and more.


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