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Introducing SEO. Where to start?

by on Nov 2020

If you enter any query like “buy furniture in Kharkiv” into the search box, you will get a lot of online stores offering their products. But most likely you will go to the site on the first two search pages. Have you ever wondered how sites get on these first 2 pages and how much...

Contextual advertising. Basics: work algorithm, types, features

by on Sep 2020

What is contextual advertising? Contextual advertising is a form of personalized advertising that allows you to show users the most relevant ads according to their search queries, interests, socio-demographic data or online behavior. What tasks does contextual advertising solve? For business: Increase in targeted traffic and sales. Launching a new product on the market. Formation...

Web analytics (part 1): 9 reasons why you need web analytics

by on Sep 2020

In today’s digital era more and more businesses are going online. The Internet may be the main source of customers and contribute to growth and development of a business. However, a quality site, conduction of online-events, SEO, PPC and SMM are useless without a well-built strategy. Elaboration of the strategy is impossible without constant analysis.Web...