NDA: Law Firm

About the Project

The client provides legal services in Stockholm, Sweden, with a focus on providing consultancy and document preparation for various aspects of business, employment relations, copyright, and related fields.


  1. Develop a personal website showcasing the client’s experience and expertise in the legal field.
  2. Create three websites for the client’s legal companies, each with a different specialization.
  3. Promote one of the companies with the aim of attracting clients from Stockholm who are in need of legal services in the key areas of expertise offered by client.


Web development

First, we held a consultation with the client to gain a deeper understanding of the website’s requirements, including its functionality, design, content, and various other aspects. Next, we conducted market and competitor research to understand the design solutions used in the industry. This allowed us to develop a unique solution that stands out from competitors and captures the attention of the target audience.

The design was created with consideration of the specificities of the legal field and client preferences. We created a clickable website prototype in Figma, which showcases how the site will look on different devices and how its elements will function. This enabled us to make necessary design and functionality adjustments before starting the development.

The website development was based on WordPress. Additional plugins and our own solutions helped us to pay special attention to site loading speed and meet the essential requirements for SEO optimization. After the website was finished, we installed the Google Analytics tracking code and set up event and conversion tracking.

All four websites for the client were created following the same principle.

Online advertising

To set up online advertising for one of the client’s companies, we conducted market and competitor analysis for advertising, selected relevant keywords, thoroughly analyzed them, and categorized them based on their focus. After that we planned the budget, created advertising campaigns and ads. After launching, we regularly worked with keywords and search queries, as well as tested different combinations of headlines and descriptions for text ads to determine the most effective ones.


We successfully developed a personalized website for the client and created three separate websites for their companies as part of the assigned task. After the launch, we provide support and maintenance, including monitoring the website’s performance, updating plugins, and regularly creating backups. We also stay in touch, allowing us to promptly update content when necessary.

Analytics systems collect data on website visits, user behavior, demographics, and the effectiveness of different traffic sources. We regularly monitor the accuracy of the systems and make changes in case of any updates. For example, transitioning from Google Universal Analytics to GA4.

We managed Google Ads promotion for one of the client’s projects from 2019 to 2021. The search ads showed excellent results. During the project, paid advertising was the primary source of traffic to the company’s website.

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