Email Marketing

Email marketing is the perfect tool for interacting with existing customers. By incorporating mailing lists into your marketing strategy, you will be able to communicate directly with the audience you have already acquired through other channels. This allows you to increase sales in several ways at once. For example, this way you can offer customers related products to their already formed order, remind you of an abandoned cart, inform you about current promotions and new products, or even offer a personal discount to a separate group of customers.

In addition, mailing is a great channel of communication with customers. You can ask for feedback, testimonials, what customers want about the range, or what problems they face when making a purchase. All this information is valuable for the business as a whole, but also increases customer loyalty to a brand that is interested in their opinion. And the main advantage of mailing as a tool is that it does not require large budgets.

Contrary to possible relevant stereotypes, professional email marketing has nothing to do with mass spam. Its main goal is to increase loyalty and maintain communication with the audience, and here the right approach is what you need.

The WWM team carefully considers each step of our email strategy, analyzes the response of the audience, and, based on this data, scales successful results. Therefore, if you think that your business needs mailing lists, but do not want your brand or product to be associated with spam among customers, please contact us and enjoy an impressive result.

Email Marketing Tools

Below are the main services we use

A service with a wide range of features for creating the content of letters and their further distribution by email, sms and instant messengers. The tool offers over 300 ready-made templates to quickly create attractive emails, as well as a feature-packed editor with the ability to fully customize your newsletter down to the last detail.

As marketers, we especially appreciate eSputnik for its fairly extensive capabilities in email marketing analytics. In this way, we can collect data on the percentage of open letters, the depth of reading, clicks on links and other valuable actions. Plus, the tool allows you to integrate third-party services for storing and processing client data, as well as deeper analysis.

The company was launched in 2012, and has become a favorite among the largest Ukrainian brands in terms of email campaigns. Among them are OLX, Megogo, Shafa, Rocket and others.

A platform used for email marketing around the world. MailChimp provides almost unlimited opportunities for working with audiences, their segmentation and detailed targeting. Also, the creators regularly improve the tools for making creatives, adding new features so that you can create high-quality, creative and unique design without any restrictions from the service.

The history of MailChimp began in 2001 in the USA and still continues developing. Today it is known and actively used by more than 13 million brands and companies around the world.

Another advertising and technical mailing service. The second item includes automatic customer notifications about orders, email confirmations during registration, password change messages, and the like. The software is actively used by marketers and sales departments around the world. The features also include email design, testing, and built-in analytics to track results.

The service has been operating since 2009 and is especially popular among professionals in the United States. Over the years of its existence, it has earned trust of and is actively used by companies such as Uber, Spotify, Airbnb and others.

Work Stages

Before we begin, we take an individual approach to every client, however, the structure is still an essential port of this process. We divide the whole process of email marketing into the following stages:

  • Analysis of the goals and vision of the client
  • Contact base audit
  • Strategy development
  • Email design
  • Strategy-based setup of mailing
  • Result tracking and scaling
  • Regular reporting

Customers’ feedback

Level of involvement

"An incredible team of talented individuals, who thought about the good of our business, with innovative ideas and great creatives."

Online advertising100%
Lead generation100%
Web development100%
Web analytics and reporting75%
Eliza Vlachou
Marketing Director at Kuva Local

The WWM team built the acquisition campaigns from scratch and, after they got the technicals right, we saw a 30% increase on app installation from their activity, month on month. They kept optimizing throughout, running various A/B and audience tests, and at the end, the ROI was incredible, and the cost per click impressive.

Website | LinkedIn

Level of involvement

"Well-balanced team which responds quickly to challenges and goals."

Online advertising100%
Lead generation75%
Web development75%
Web analytics and reporting100%
Dmitry Levin
Co-Founder of KISA

Well Web Marketing team has achieved an immediate impact on our website performance by implementing customer activities tracking which in turn has dramatically improved bounce rate

Website | LinkedIn

Level of involvement

"Well Web Marketing is deeply integrated at New Line Tech marketing activities and I'm going to strengthen their involvement in the near future."

Online Advertising100%
Lead generation75%
Website development100%
Web analytics and reporting100%
Andrew Mazepa
CEO at New Line Technologies

Well Web Marketing drives pre-sales and marketing activities for New Line Technologies and I feel it comfortable and efficient like it could be with an internal team. I can say only positive about our cooperation.
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Level of involvement

"I like that they always keep me in the loop, ready to change tactic when needed and take an extra mile to bring me desired result."

Website development100%
Online Advertising100%
Web analytics and reporting100%
SMM Strategy50%
Yulia Khudoley
Product Owner

Can’t speak highly enough of Serhii and his team. They have built me two websites for different niche and providing support with SEO, online advertisement and more.


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