Imperial Law Firm


Imperial is a law firm in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The company’s lawyers and attorneys deal with criminal, administrative and civil cases, supporting clients both in pre-trial and in court proceedings.

The company reached out to us to help them attract new customers via the Internet. All previous attempts of setting up advertising had failed, therefore, before starting work, we conducted a comprehensive audit and found out the possible reasons. After analyzing the market and competitors, creating a promotion strategy and approving the work plan, we began to implement it step by step.

Web Design & Development

The audit of the company’s original website showed a number of problems that negatively affected the effectiveness of advertising and limited the correct work of web analytics. Also, the site needed both technical improvement and SEO optimization. The best option was to create a new, more attractive site that would meet all the necessary requirements for effective Internet marketing.

Having picked the website structure to pieces, we created a clickable prototype design and, after its approval, launched a new site based on the ready-made WellWebMarketing theme for WordPress. Due to our own solutions for development we created a fast, effective and attractive website in a short time, which became an excellent basis for further promotion. With these solutions our customers can save their time and money for website creation.

Internet Advertising

The company’s goal was to attract clients from Kharkiv and the region who seek legal services. For this, we used Google advertising.

Before the launch, our team had analyzed the market and advertising competitors; we collected statistics on search requests, conducted their thorough analysis and divided them by directions used further to plan the budget, create advertising campaigns and announcements. Since the launch, we have evaluated the effectiveness of individual campaigns and keywords, which gave us the opportunity for optimization and scaling.

Search advertising showed an excellent result, as it attracted only clients from the target region who needed legal assistance at the moment, while saving additional budget on other types of promotion. Thus, paid advertising is now the main source of conversions for businesses.

Search Engine Marketing

One of the goals when creating a new website was to attract free traffic from search engines via internal SEO optimization. At the strategy stage, we thought trough the creation of separate pages for the main referral legal services, after which we prepared text content, selected keywords, wrote SEO titles and meta-descriptions, and made internal linking of pages. Thanks to this, service pages began to appear in search results in response to relevant requests, which attracted customers from free search.

As part of search marketing, we also created and filled out a Google My Business account for the client, which displays information about the company when searching on Google Maps too. This is an excellent source of free traffic, which is especially relevant for local businesses.

Web Analytics and Reporting

As part of the project, we used Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Serpstat. These tools allowed us to conduct a technical audit of the website, analyze competitors, and select keywords. We also set up tracking of valuable actions and conversions to evaluate the effectiveness of the promotion. The reports allowed us to analyze the traffic, site audience and user behavior, which gives us data for optimization and correction of the marketing strategy. In addition, setting up GTM and Analytics is necessary for a more correct operation of online advertising due to the collection of information about users and the machine learning.

When working on the project, we regularly check the correctness of system settings, as well as monitor the results for timely optimization and scaling of the advertising strategy.

Imperial is a Ukrainian company that is operating now in the active combat zone. The war severely affected the growth and development of the business, but after the victory, we are going to continue our cooperation with the client.

Improving the content of the website, making it more user-friendly, and adding new features will help increase the interest of users and stand out from the competitors. We also see opportunities for further SEO optimization, which will allow the site to rank higher in the search engine, which means attracting more potential clients. If we are talking about advertising, then the war will definitely have an impact on the legal sphere, as a result of which certain areas of services will be more in demand than others, which is also important to prepare for in terms of planning budgets, creating advertising creatives and landing pages.