Kuva Local

About the Project

Kuva Local is a mobile e-commerce platform that allows you to order goods from local sellers. The app aims to be transparent, offering its users secure and convenient payment methods, detailed information about delivery times and the option to order products for friends and family while being in another part of the world.

The platform offers a wide range of products, including food, cosmetics, medicines, clothing, electronics, airline tickets, building materials, and real estate. It currently operates in several cities in Zimbabwe and Nairobi, but plans to expand.

Kuvacash is another feature of the app that enables users to make instant and secure transactions worldwide through a multi-currency blockchain wallet. This means that users can order and pay for goods for their relatives or friends in Africa from anywhere in the world.


  1. Implementation of web analytics.
  2. Expansion of the user base.
  3. Increasing the average order value.
  4. Decreasing CPC.
  5. Improvement in audience engagement and interaction.


We had a discussion with the client to understand their requirements, analyzed the market and competitors, as well as the marketing solutions the client had been using. Using this information, we created a promotion strategy and began to implement it step by step.

Web Analytics

To enable the monitoring of the efficacy of future marketing decisions, we initially configured analytics systems. As the Kuva Local website mainly serves informational purposes, we carried out the majority of the setup work within the application. We set up e-commerce in Google Analytics to monitor the quantity and cost of purchases, as well as the sources of traffic of the buyers.

SMM and Online Ads

As part of our work with social networks, we have done the following:

  • Established automated responses on Facebook and Instagram
  • Handling negative comments
  • Developed promotional campaigns
  • Integrated Facebook SDK into the application’s code
  • Created a product catalog on Facebook that automatically updates data
  • Defined target audience settings
  • Retargeting ads which were shown to those users who have already interacted with the site or mobile app
  • Traffic tracking and campaign optimization

Email Marketing

During the project, we used email marketing to engage with current app users and encourage them to make purchases. Our activities included the following:

  • Developing and configuring automated emails to remind users about items left in their shopping cart.
  • Revamping the welcome email that users receive after registering, as well as the automated emails sent after email and phone number verification
  • Creating, designing, and distributing promotional letters that align with ongoing marketing campaigns, such as Black Friday, Back to School, St. Valentine’s Day, and Car Raffle.


A detailed analysis of the analytics helped us evaluate the results as accurately as possible. By setting up analytics based on purchase cost, the client was able to determine revenue and ROI across various marketing channels.

At the start of our collaboration, there were 3,000 users in social networks, which increased to 10,000 before we stopped all advertising campaigns. Through our work, the average cost per app installation was reduced by $2.5-4 to about $1 per app download, by setting up new targeting and campaigns optimization.

Email marketing was successful in increasing engagement with our current audience. Now, clicks in email newsletters are the third source of conversions, after direct and organic traffic.

If you need help with promotion through social networks, email newsletters, or would like to receive an individual marketing development strategy for your business, feel free to reach out to us. The Well Web Marketing team is always available to help you enhance your online presence. Please contact us to schedule a consultation and discuss the details of your project.