Web Design & Development

Today, there is merely no company that cannot do without its own Internet resource to interact with its clients.

A website, first of all, is a powerful marketing tool that solves many important business tasks:

  • Increasing brand awareness and making the fundamental image of the company
  • Increasing profits by increasing the conversion rate of the business
  • Communicating with customers and maintaining loyalty

The own web resource offers other digital marketing tools: SEO promotion, contextual advertising, e-mailing, etc.

An inseparable part of website development is web design. Visual design is what the user sees first. After loading the page, we only have a few seconds to make a first impression. In addition to the visual component, a user-friendly interface and adaptability to mobile devices are important. The site design is developed considering the wishes of the customer, target audience, and business category.

Based on the goals of the business, we will offer you the best option, whether it’s a landing page, a corporate website or an online store using ready-made solutions or developing a customized project.

Web-Design and Development Tools

Today it is the most popular Content Management System in the world. This CMS underlies more than 35% of all sites on the Internet. Such a system allows site owners, editors, authors to manage sites and publish content without any programming knowledge. WordPress adapts the system to any need: for a business card site, a corporate website or even an online store. Benefits:

  • Accessible
  • Wide range of plugins
  • Easy to install and use
  • SEO-friendly
  • Website speed

The system offers various plugins and modules to suite the site to any needs and quickly adapt it to changes in business activities. We implement multilingualism and optimization for search engines using our own plugins. You get a website ready for further promotion, corresponding to the SEO checklist with more than 60 points. To implement WP-based online stores, we use wooCommerce. It is the most popular open source e-commerce system in the world. This plugin allows you to create product catalogs, set up shipping options, make it easier to buy with an optimized shopping cart, and has integration with various payment systems.

The Well Web Marketing team offers a simplified development based on a ready-made theme, tailored exactly to your corporate style and structure, or a customized solution that brings any of your ideas to life.

It is a graphics editor used by web design professionals all over the world. With Figma you can create:

  • Interactive website and mobile app prototypes
  • Interface elements: icons, buttons, timelines, menus, feedback forms
  • Vector illustration

All Figma files are stored on the server. This greatly simplifies the work with the project. The designer, manager, customer and other participants can simultaneously work on layouts, open them via a link without downloading. The tool can be used through a browser or an application installed on your computer. The desktop version can run offline; when connected to the network, the data is synchronized with the server.

Figma allows you to create clickable website and mobile app prototypes. You can visually test any function at the design stage: modals, buttons, pop-up menus and animated elements.

This is a plugin for implementing a multilingual site. It was developed by the Well Web Marketing team. The plugin supports over 180 languages, is easy to use and requires zero technical skills.

Each language is saved as separate posts or pages, which are then linked to each other. WellWeb Multi-lang Plugin detects the browser language and presents the site in the appropriate version.

This plugin, developed by the Well Web Marketing team, is used by SEO specialists in optimizing sites for search engines. The Well Web SEO Plugin has many features designed to help visitors and search engines get the most out of your website. The plugin extends the basic SEO features that WP provides, namely:

  • Meta tags and canonical URL
  • Automatic sitemap generation (sitemap.xml)
  • Convenient management of the robots.txt file without the need to access the hosting/server
  • Adding any analytics code in a few clicks from the WP admin panel
  • Flexible settings for displaying links in messengers and social networks
  • Structured data and Rich Snippet

And much more

Adobe XD is a solution that allows you to design interfaces, create interactive prototypes, submit work to editors, refine projects in stages, and view updates in real time. XD solutions are integrated with Photoshop and Illustrator. The tool allows you to work on both Windows and MacOS. The ability to instantly share prototypes between designers, developers, clients, and others speeds up workflows. This and other features are available through integration with Microsoft Teams, Slack and Jira, as well as plugins, the list of which is constantly updated. Single sign-on, password protection, and private invitations let you see who views, reviews, and comments on prototypes and design specifications.

Sketch is a versatile design toolkit. It is by far the most popular vector editor for macOS. The appearance of Sketch on the market has shaken the stable position of familiar web design tools. The advantage of this service is its versatility and the ability to generate professional multimedia products many times faster and with better quality. Designs created in Sketch are adapted to any device and browser. Thanks to vectorization, you can easily scale objects and work in pixels.

The Internet accounts for about 3.7% of global greenhouse gas emissions. This is about the same amount as the global aviation industry produces. 100% Green webhosting is a green WordPress and CMS hosting. This system is trusted by millions of sites around the world, from small startups to large corporations. The servers of the system are designed specifically for fast and secure hosting of WordPress-based sites and are climate-friendly. WP Hosting guarantees the confidentiality of customer data storage. The system is compatible with most CDN providers such as CloudFlare, MaxCDN, Incapsula and Akamai. The hosting network and servers have enough redundant capacity so that customers never experience the inconvenience of slow servers or traffic when they are overloaded, and the power and cooling come from 100% renewable energy. 100% Green webhosting provides protection against DDoS attacks, as well as automatic backups with a convenient 1-click update.

This is a one-stop solution for optimizing performance and speeding up your website. It interacts with the installed LiteSpeed web server and built-in LSWS cache to significantly reduce page load time. Sites optimized by this plugin achieve high PageSpeed Insights scores. With LiteSpeed Cache, your site can use best practices that provide an exceptional user experience.

Work Stages

Before we begin, we take an individual approach to every client, however, the structure is still an essential port of this process. We divide the process of site design and development into the following stages:

  • Analysis of competitors, customer vision, and goal setting
  • Structure creation, design development and approval
  • Website development and connection of functional parts
  • Testing and filling the site with content
  • SEO optimization
  • Site release
  • Future support and promotion

Customers’ feedback

Level of involvement

"Excellent professionals who know their job well. In case of any issues or when changes are needed, they always react right away. I am very satisfied with our collaboration!"

Online advertising100%
Lead generation100%
Web development100%
Web analytics and reporting100%
Serhii Andronov
Administrative director at MedicoMente

We had been working with WWM from the very beginning, which included website development, content creation, and online promotion. And in a short period of time, we were able to enter the European market, leading to an influx of customers!

Website | Facebook

Level of involvement

"An incredible team of talented individuals, who thought about the good of our business, with innovative ideas and great creatives."

Online advertising100%
Lead generation100%
Web development100%
Web analytics and reporting75%
Eliza Vlachou
Marketing Director at Kuva Local

The WWM team built the acquisition campaigns from scratch and, after they got the technicals right, we saw a 30% increase on app installation from their activity, month on month. They kept optimizing throughout, running various A/B and audience tests, and at the end, the ROI was incredible, and the cost per click impressive.

Website | LinkedIn

Level of involvement

"Well-balanced team which responds quickly to challenges and goals."

Online advertising100%
Lead generation75%
Web development75%
Web analytics and reporting100%
Dmitry Levin
Co-Founder of KISA

Well Web Marketing team has achieved an immediate impact on our website performance by implementing customer activities tracking which in turn has dramatically improved bounce rate

Website | LinkedIn

Level of involvement

"Well Web Marketing is deeply integrated at New Line Tech marketing activities and I'm going to strengthen their involvement in the near future."

Online Advertising100%
Lead generation75%
Website development100%
Web analytics and reporting100%
Andrew Mazepa
CEO at New Line Technologies

Well Web Marketing drives pre-sales and marketing activities for New Line Technologies and I feel it comfortable and efficient like it could be with an internal team. I can say only positive about our cooperation.
Website | LinkedIn

Level of involvement

"I like that they always keep me in the loop, ready to change tactic when needed and take an extra mile to bring me desired result."

Website development100%
Online Advertising100%
Web analytics and reporting100%
SMM Strategy50%
Yulia Khudoley
Product Owner

Can’t speak highly enough of Serhii and his team. They have built me two websites for different niche and providing support with SEO, online advertisement and more.


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