MedicoMente Addiction Treatment Center


MedicoMente is a modern addiction treatment medical center. It is located near Kyiv and accepts both Ukrainian and foreign patients. Specialists of the medical center help in overcoming drug addiction, alcoholism, depression, gambling and other addictions.

The main goal was to attract new customers via the Internet. At the time of application, the company had just started its operation and had no previous experience in marketing. So our task was to present MedicoMente in the network and tell potential clients about its activities. After analyzing the market and competitors, creating a promotion strategy and approving the work plan, we began to implement them step by step.

Web Design & Development

The task we faced was to develop a site from scratch. After analyzing the competitors, working out the SEO friendly structure of the website and studying the references provided by the customer, we proceeded to the design. After making all the edits, creating a clickable prototype and approving the design, we started developing our website based on the ready-made WellWebMarketing theme for WordPress. Due to our own solutions for development we created a fast, effective and attractive website in a short time, which became an excellent basis for further promotion. With these solutions our customers can save their time and money for website creation.

Internet Advertising

The purpose of the advertising campaign was to attract both Ukrainian and foreign patients who need help in overcoming addictions. For this, we used Google advertising. Our team had analyzed the market and advertising competitors; we collected statistics on search requests, conducted their thorough analysis and divided them by directions, made a list of minus words, used further to plan the budget, create advertising campaigns and announcements. We elaborated these stages for each target region: Ukraine and a number of European countries.

The key problem in launching a search campaign was compliance with Google’s advertising policy. MedicoMente falls under the restriction of advertising services for the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. Although the medical center has and can easily provide all the necessary licenses, healthcare and medicine-related advertising is prohibited on the territory of Ukraine. To comply with the rules of Google advertising, we made some manipulations:

  • Created a separate landing page on a separate domain with a focus on consultation
  • Wrote the text of the advertisement, using common phrases, with a focus on consultation and conditions of stay

When working on Google advertising and its optimization, we derived a rule that each group should have the maximum number of ads in case of blocking individual titles and descriptions.

Search advertising showed to be highly productive and effective. This channel helped attract clients from Ukraine and Europe who seek medical help in the treatment of addictions. Paid advertising is now one of the main sources of conversions for the center.

Search Engine Marketing

One of the goals of creating a new website was to attract organic traffic from search engines via internal SEO optimization. The main feature of the promotion of the MedicoMente website is its multilingual interface: English, Ukrainian, Russian, Italian, French, and German. Thus, the task we faced was to optimize each language version for the respective locations. At the stage of site development and strategy approval, we thought through the creation of separate pages for the main areas of the clinic’s activities, as well for individual services. We wrote texts, selected keywords, wrote SEO titles and meta-descriptions, and then performed internal linking of pages. This made service pages to appear in the search results for relevant requests, which attracted new clients through organic search. We used our Multi-lang and SEO Plugins to optimize the website on search engines. This allowed us to perform tasks more quickly and speed up the results. As part of cooperation on SEO optimization, we continue to fill the site with content and add new pages following the strategy.

Search engines form the lists considering the “expertise” of web resources. Therefore, our second task was to increase the reference mass. During our activities, we developed a database of donor sites, thanks to which we were able to quickly form and approve a publication plan and start placing articles on external resources.

In addition, as part of search marketing, we also created and filled out a Google My Business account for the client, which displays information about the company when searching on Google Maps too. This is an excellent source of free traffic, which is especially relevant for local businesses.

Organic traffic is now the main channel for conversions.

Web Analytics and Reporting

We started our web analytics by determining target actions on sites. With the help of Google Tag Manager, we set up event tracking and connected Google Analytics and Google Search Console. The Ringostat call tracking service allowed us to track offline calls according to the traffic source. These and other marketing tools helped us to conduct a technical audit of the site, analyze competitors, select keywords and evaluate the effectiveness of promotion. The reports allowed us to analyze the traffic, site audience and user behavior, which gives us data for optimization and correction of the marketing strategy. In addition, setting up GTM and Analytics is necessary for a more correct operation of online advertising due to the collection of information about users and the machine learning. And with Google Data Studio interactive reporting, the client can always easily see clear results of the promotion at any time.

When working on the project, we regularly check the correctness of system settings, as well as monitor the results for timely optimization and scaling of the advertising strategy.

MedicoMente is a modern Ukrainian addiction treatment center, accepting patients from all over the world. Unfortunately, the war made its adjustments to the activities of the center, so the flow of patients decreased significantly, which affected our cooperation. After the victory, we are planning to resume the marketing promotion of the medical center in all areas.