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Setting up, optimizing, and tracking the results of contextual advertising

The Well Web Marketing team will take care of all aspects of online promotion of your business, brand or service. We use our experience, client goals and industry data analytics to develop an individual advertising strategy.

High-quality setting of contextual advertising is impossible without a strategy and its operational adjustment. Regular analysis, optimization and quick response to the main performance signals are all necessary to maximize sales at the lowest possible price. And that’s what we are working for!

We are convinced that digital marketing is based on the ability and desire to cope with large amounts of data, as well as high analytical skills. All this and a boundless love for marketing is what the Well Web Marketing team stands out for!

Online Ads Tools

Below are the main services we use to set up advertising

The main service for setting up online advertising. It allows advertisers to promote their products and services through text and product ads on Google search results, banner ads on information sites, and video ads on YouTube.

Google Ads provides almost limitless opportunities for reaching an audience on the Internet. The company regularly tests new tools and options for interacting with the audience to provide entrepreneurs with more opportunities for promotion, as well as to help users easily and comfortably find the goods and services they need.

A similar service from Microsoft is the closest competitor to Google Ads. The majority of ads from this platform target display on the Microsoft Search Network, which accounts for over 36% of the US search engine market and handles 8.2 billion queries worldwide every month. The Microsoft network includes or partners with such search engines as Bing, Yahoo!, AOL, DuckDuckGo, etc. All of them make up a huge list of advertising platforms that provide no less significant opportunities for online advertising than Google Ads.

Microsoft Ads is suitable for different purposes, as an alternative to Google, with a cheaper rate per click, or a channel through which you can more effectively interact with your target audience. We have first-hand knowledge of how to make Microsoft Ads work best and show impressive results.

Google’s store and product information upload service with both free and paid marketing channels. With Merchant Center, you can manage information about products, as well as monitor the relevance of price, availability and add promotions. This data is required to promote products through Google Shopping, local inventory ads and dynamic remarketing. Also, the platform has all the necessary statistics on the effectiveness of each of the products, which helps you find additional opportunities for their optimization.

YouTube is the most popular video hosting in the world. Due to the huge audience, it has unlimited potential for promotion. With video ads, we can reach out to our target audience as they search for and view their favorite content. And when it comes to efficiency, according to the survey, users are twice as likely to buy a product that they saw advertised on YouTube.

YouTube offers advertisers flexible targeting options and a variety of video ad formats for different purposes. This is a great chance to make yourself known and tell your customers about your business on the site that inspires their trust and interest.

A platform that allows you to promote iOS apps within the App Store, helping your target audience find and start using your product. Apple Search Ads aim to be native and non-obtrusive to the user in order to strike a balance between useful recommendation and aggressive spam. The platform owners are convinced that advertising should play a positive role for both advertisers and customers. We cannot agree more with that.

Apple Search Ads accounts now for 58% of all iPhone app downloads and continues growing every year. It is very telling both about the effectiveness of promoting applications through the platform, and about the attitude of users to the format of advertising within the App Store.

Analytics is a must-have when setting up online advertising. Regardless of the advertising tools, setting up the Google Analytics and minimal analysis of the collected data already gives answers to many questions. If we talk about promotion, then analytics is necessary to create and track events and conversions, which not only helps you evaluate the payback of advertising but is also a mandatory part of the machine learning of the Google Ads system.

Analytics records user behavior, their demographics, sources of referral to the site, etc. Having data about how a user interacts with your site or application makes it possible to track and scale the most effective traffic channels, improve pages with low performance and understand how you can improve your resource to make it more convenient for conversions.

Analyzing a bulk of analytical data is the basis of a good digital marketer. Google Analytics provides huge amounts of information, but for the customer, such a number of metrics can be both unnecessary and uninformative. This was one of the main reasons for creating the Data Studio tool from Google. The service allows you to create custom interactive reports with advertising KPIs, a summary of the audience and a number of other metrics. Integration of the platform with advertising and analytics services makes it possible to display report data in real time, making it relevant and as informative as possible.

We create customized turnkey interactive reports, so that our clients always have the necessary and up-to-date information on key performance indicators.

How We Work

Before we begin, we take an individual approach to every client, however, the structure is still an essential port of this process. The entire online promotion process has the following stages:

  • Analysis of the goals and vision of the client
  • Study of the market and competitors
  • Elaboration of a promotion strategy
  • Setting up of goal tracking
  • Creation of advertising campaigns
  • Launch, optimization, and scaling

Customers’ feedback

Level of involvement

"Well Web Marketing is deeply integrated at New Line Tech marketing activities and I'm going to strengthen their involvement in the near future."

Online Advertising100%
Lead generation75%
Website development100%
Web analytics and reporting100%
Andrew Mazepa
CEO at New Line Technologies

Well Web Marketing drives pre-sales and marketing activities for New Line Technologies and I feel it comfortable and efficient like it could be with an internal team. I can say only positive about our cooperation.
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Level of involvement

I like that they always keep me in the loop, ready to change tactic when needed and take an extra mile to bring me desired result.

Website development100%
Online Advertising100%
Web analytics and reporting100%
SMM Strategy50%
Yulia Khudoley
Product Owner

Can’t speak highly enough of Serhii and his team. They have built me two websites for different niche and providing support with SEO, online advertisement and more.


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