The BlueSky concept, proposed by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, is a decentralized alternative to Twitter, aiming to rethink the concept of social networks. In this article, we’ll delve into what the BlueSky social network is, how it operates, and how to join.

What is BlueSky

BlueSky Social is an open-source microblogging text platform that operates without centralized control.

This means that BlueSky runs on independent servers and is not governed by a single server or company. This provides users with more control over how they believe the platform should function and how content should be moderated.

According to the BlueSky team’s updates, the social network has attracted over 1 million users as of September 13, 2023.

The Wikipedia page indicates 2.35 million users (as of December 3, 2023).

BlueSky operates similarly to Twitter while maintaining its uniqueness. The platform offers a user interface resembling Twitter, with algorithmic curation, a federated structure, and community-oriented moderation. BlueSky users experience a familiar Twitter environment but with greater control over algorithms and recommendations.

In the BlueSky app, users can create messages called “Skeets” – a combination of “sky” and “tweet.” These are limited to 300 characters and can be liked, reposted, shared, commented on, copied as text, and translated. Users can also follow others and view their updates.

Distinguishing Features of BlueSky from Other Social Platforms

BlueSky stands out from Twitter and similar social networks due to its primary advantage – the protocol on which it is built: the Authenticated Transfer Protocol (AT Protocol). This protocol allows the creation of blogs that aggregate content from various social platforms, akin to the familiar RSS from the “golden age” of the internet. BlueSky turns any social network using the AT Protocol into an application, enabling users to move seamlessly between different platforms, transferring their accounts and content.

“The goal of the AT Protocol is to enable modern social networks and public online communication to operate like the early days of the Internet, when anyone could create a blog or use RSS to subscribe to multiple blogs. We believe this will usher in a new era of experimentation and innovation in social networks,” asserts the BlueSky team.

Features of BlueSky:

  • Multilingualism: In the settings, users can choose multiple languages for creating and reading content, customizing their feed in languages they understand.
  • Feeds: A feature that gathers posts based on hashtags, keywords, links, and similar images.
  • Discover: Personalized algorithmic content delivery that blends popular content with posts tailored to the user’s interests. Discover is also customizable to each user’s preferences.
  • Content filter: A tool that allows you to remove posts containing violence, adult content, fake account content, and more.
  • No advertisements. As noted by the BlueSky team, users become the product when a company relies on advertising. In BlueSky, they decided to explore alternative monetization methods and started with a paid service called “domain names.” A domain name is a way for users to verify their identity on the platform. According to BlueSky’s statement, domain integration is just the first of several paid services available on the platform.

How to sign up to Bluesky

The platform is available on the web version and as an app on Google Play and the App Store. You can register on BlueSky in two ways: by receiving an invitation to join the waiting list, or by being invited by an existing user of the social network. If you already have an invitation code (invite), creating a BlueSky account is straightforward.

It is also known that invitations can be purchased on eBay and various forums, but we do not recommend using these options as there is a high risk of falling victim to scammers.

New users who have quickly adapted to BlueSky are provided with invites for free, bypassing the waiting list. This means you have the opportunity to invite friends to BlueSky or share with your followers on other social networks. There is information online suggesting that the platform offers one invite per verified user per week. We couldn’t confirm this, but the BlueSky team states the following: “Most accounts receive invitation codes after spending some time on Bluesky. We periodically send invitations to existing users.” Furthermore, the BlueSky team mentions that users who invite trustworthy participants to the app receive more invites.

“Why is it so challenging to register on BlueSky?” you may ask. According to the BlueSky team, the app is invitation-only for two reasons. Firstly, they aim to limit registrations from spammers, bots, and malicious actors. Secondly, restricting registrations allows the platform to organically grow through existing personal networks, creating additional excitement.

How to Use BlueSky for Business

Is it worth investing resources in a social network that isn’t at the top in popularity?

This social network resembles Twitter before its “X” rebranding, after which many celebrities and well-known brands limited their activity on Twitter. The main advantage of BlueSky is its novelty. It is precisely due to the excitement that new social networks form their small but strong communities. The competition there is lower, giving you more chances to set your standards and gather people around your brand.

BlueSky for Business, Pros:

  • A new social network where you can set the tone for how other brands share information.
  • Limited registration allows you to build a strong community of loyal brand enthusiasts.
  • Low competition.
  • Familiar interface.

BlueSky for Business, Cons:

  • No advertising options are available.
  • Lack of analytics.
  • Registration difficulties.

Should BlueSky be included in your brand’s marketing strategy? BlueSky can be beneficial for:

  • Building and developing a personal brand.
  • Promoting informational products.
  • Warming up the audience for webinars, courses, and other offer sales.
  • PR activities and interaction with the media.
  • Keeping your audience informed on the BlueSky platform.
  • Creating and maintaining a community.


BlueSky Social is not just a place for sharing memes and GIFs; it’s where genuine conversations are born. Within this exclusive community, you’ll discover microblogs with engaging discussions among like-minded individuals.

It’s too early to conclude whether BlueSky will become a viable alternative to the well-established and familiar Twitter. However, if you’re tired of constant changes on Twitter but still want a similar user experience, the BlueSky app is an appealing alternative.