Threads is a social network created by Meta, which focuses on text-based content and is closely related to Instagram.

On July 5, 2023, Meta officially launched a new app called Threads. This social network is similar to Twitter and is a direct competitor. Within the first 4 hours of its appearance on the App Store, the new app was downloaded by 5 million users. In less than 7 hours, the number of platform users exceeded 10 million, and within 24 hours, it attracted 30 million users. Threads reached 100 million users in less than a week, surpassing even the popular service ChatGPT in audience growth speed.

Connection between Threads and Instagram

Threads is a separate app, but Instagram users can quickly sign up for it using their existing accounts. This means the app already has access to over 2 billion potential users. You can use the same login information and keep your current username. Thanks to its deep integration with Instagram, Threads acts as an extension, allowing you to create text messages, add images and videos, follow other users, comment on their posts, share content, and much more.

Threads also allow you to import almost all your data from your Instagram account, including posts, followers, followings, and more.

Thanks to the integration between Threads and Instagram, the creators of Threads managed to avoid the mistakes made by the famous social network Clubhouse, whose popularity quickly faded. The main reasons were the complicated user registration system through invites and the long wait for the Android version release.

The difference between Threads and Twitter

Threads and Twitter are similar in that both services are designed for public communication and sharing short posts. Threads also has a feed with recommendations, and the ability to like and share posts. However, there are important differences:

Accessibility: Threads are available through the mobile app on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The website redirects users to download the app, whereas Twitter can be used on laptops and PCs.

Integration with Instagram: Threads is closely linked to Instagram, allowing users to use their existing Instagram accounts to sign up for Threads. Thanks to this integration, users can easily create text messages, add images and videos, follow other users, and share content, expanding their audience.

Transferring followers: Threads notify your Instagram audience about the possibility to follow you on the new platform. Unlike other platforms, where you usually import contacts from your address book.

Character limit: In Threads, you can publish messages with a limited length of up to 500 characters, which is almost twice as much as the standard 280 characters on Twitter. However, on Twitter, there’s an option to extend the character limit to 2500 by paying for an account.

Private messages: Unlike Twitter, Threads doesn’t have a direct messaging feature. Users cannot send private messages to other users through the platform.

Video limit: In Threads, users can publish videos up to 5 minutes long, while on Twitter, this limit is 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

Absence of hashtags and post-editing: Threads doesn’t support hashtags, post-editing, or statistics. On Twitter, hashtags play an important role in search and analytics, and there’s the ability to edit already published posts.

No advertising: Currently, Threads doesn’t have ads, but considering Meta’s potential in this area, it might appear in the future. On Twitter, users have the option to create and run advertising campaigns.

Censorship and content control: Threads must adhere to Instagram’s rules, where censorship is stricter than on Twitter. For example, content violating Instagram’s rules, such as nudity, is not allowed in Threads.

Content recommendations: On Twitter, users receive recommendations for trending content and accounts that might interest them. In Threads, users get a mix of content from the accounts they follow and from accounts that might potentially interest them, aligning with Instagram’s feed algorithms.

Account deletion: As reported by Meta, currently, you cannot delete your Threads profile without also deleting your Instagram account. Adam Mosseri mentioned on his Threads account that they are already working on this issue.

Future plans: Meta plans to include Threads in the Fediverse – a new social network that will allow users to interact with others on different platforms within the Fediverse. This will significantly expand the possibilities for user interaction across various social platforms.


Threads has become a popular social network due to extensive discussions among Twitter users and its close connection with Instagram. It managed to break registration records with minimal advertising. Users loved the idea of comparing Threads to Twitter, which gave rise to a new generation of memes.

Our team at Well Web Marketing strongly recommends you try installing the new Threads app and explore its unique features for attracting your audience. Threads offer distinct advantages and close integration with Instagram, making it an attractive choice for social interaction and promoting your brand.

The app has already gained significant popularity, attracting millions of users within just a few hours. So, don’t miss the opportunity to leverage this new social platform and find a new audience for your business.


1. What do we know about the demographics of Threads users?

 Currently, there’s limited information available regarding the demographics of Threads’ user base. Understanding factors such as age, location, and interests could provide insights into the platform’s appeal and potential growth opportunities.

2. What metrics can we see regarding user engagement on Threads?

 While the article mentions rapid user acquisition, detailed metrics related to user engagement, such as daily active users, time spent on the platform, or frequency of interactions, are not provided. Access to this data could illuminate the platform’s stickiness and long-term viability.

3. How does Threads prioritize privacy and data security?

 Specific details regarding Threads’ privacy and data security practices, including how user data is collected, stored, and protected, are not outlined in the article. Transparency about these measures is essential for users concerned about privacy.

4. What are Threads’ community guidelines, and how are they enforced?

 Information regarding Threads’ community guidelines and enforcement mechanisms is not explicitly stated. Understanding these guidelines and their enforcement processes is crucial for fostering a positive and inclusive user community.

5. What accessibility features does Threads offer?

 Details about Threads’ accessibility features, such as support for screen readers, keyboard navigation, and adherence to accessibility standards, are not provided. Knowledge of these features is essential for users with disabilities to ensure inclusivity.

6. Are there any notable partnerships or collaborations involving Threads?

  Information about any partnerships or collaborations that Threads has formed with other companies or organizations is not mentioned. Insights into these collaborations could shed light on Threads’ strategic direction and potential integrations with third-party services.